October 5, 2010 -- Call the Shots (Menshealth.com) - 3

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Renner's on to something: When you work with your hands, you build impressive strength. That's because your muscles respond well to the tension, speed, and cardiovascular demands of using tools, says Martin Rooney, P.T., C.S.C.S., the author of Ultimate Warrior Workouts. So jump up and chisel your body the old-fashioned way.



Average number of calories an 180-pound man burns in an hour of...


Chopping and splitting wood: 491


Mowing grass (pushing by hand): 491


Cleaning gutters: 409


Painting (exterior): 409


Planting trees: 368


Raking leaves: 352


Trimming (using edger, power cutter): 286


General carpentry: 245


Hanging wallboard: 245


Operating a floor sander: 368


Wiring and plumbing: 245


Heavy cleaning (car, windows): 245



Chopping wood


It's an amazing challenge for your grip, forearms, and core strength as it builds heart and lung endurance.



Mowing the lawn


It's the equivalent of an NFL star pushing his training sled across the gridiron. All that force works your quads, glutes, and calves as it builds shoulder stability.



Using a floor sander


Because of the machine's vibration and the force you generate, your body--and especially your abs--must resist movement, which strengthens your obliques and back muscles.



Source: menshealth.com